History of Ugg

Many non-Australians most likely heard about ugg boots for the first time in the late ’90s, but this famous boot has a much longer history.However you spell it -ug,ugh or ugg- there are recorded accounts of people wearing sheepskin boots in the late 1800s. Australian shepherds made leather straps to tie sheepskins round their ankles and feet. Pilots fighting in the First World War have been pictured wearing fleece -lined ugg-style boots called ‘fugg boots’, and it is generally agreed that ‘fug’ is a condensed form of ‘flying ugg’. Genuine uggs are made from 100% natural sheepskin and they are ideal for flying since they are comfortable and loose and help to maintain a person’s feet at a constant temperature.

By 1933,shearers were wearing the warm and cozy ‘Blue mountain uggs’ and in the late 1950’s, a sheepskin manufacturer known as Mortel’s Sheepskin Factory started to produce a brand called ‘apache ugh boots’. Afterwards, in the late’60s, Australian surfers found that it felt real comfortable to wear sheepskin boots in order to get warm after a surfing session. The original ugg boots had a very basic style, basically consisting of two boot-shaped sheepskin pieces joined together from the center to the back and with a soft sole at the bottom. They were essentially glorified socks and the term ugg boot is considered to come from ‘ugly boot’. Since then, Australians call their sheepskin boots uggies, uggs or ugg boots. Regardless of the history, this is the generic name for sheepskin boots for most Australians. Contrary to widespread stories, it is difficult for anyone to claim that they made the first pair of ugg boots-and they most probably were invented by different people over and over again.

With time, many makers and retailers of sheepskin boots cropped up. One Australian, Brian Smith, carried some ugg boots to the US and started selling them. They soon became popular, especially among the surfer community. Eventually, in the mid ’90s, Deckers Outdoor Corporation, a large US footwear manufacturer, bought the brand for $15 million. The company laid claim to the ‘ugg’ name despite the generic nature of that name in Australia and New Zealand. This started a long David and Goliath struggle with Australian manufacturers who argued that the terms ugh, ug and ugg boots were a style of sheepskin boots that should not be trademarked. In January 2006, the company’s Australian trade mark was removed, and Deckers decided not to challenge this decision. Nowadays, the company makes its ugg boots in New Zealand and china.

The American media queen, Oprah Winfrey, in 2000, introduced and raved about the ugg sheepskin boots to her vast 7-million strong audience. She bought 350 pairs for her staff and the boot entered the mainstream.Today these versatile boots are fashionable in all parts of the world, from the beaches of San Diego to the ski resorts of Tahoe. There are many companies importing these boots, but unfortunately some of them sell look-alike products that are not the genuine article. If you want to buy the real ugg boots, with all those qualities that made the original so desirable and popular, make sure that they are made using 100% merino sheepskin from Australia. This will guarantee that your purchase is made from the finest and most comfortable sheepskin available.



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