What should Ugg make next?

What should Ugg make next?

Ugg is an award-winning company that has won the confidence of customers in different parts of the world. Initially, people thought its products were intended for use in regions that are affected by winter. The truth is that people in different parts of the world can use its products.

What should Ugg Make Next?

While most of us think that Ugg has exhausted its innovative skills, it should be understood that the company can better its profitability by focusing on improving what it already has. In addition, it should consider resolving the issues that its customers have raised after using some of its products. For instance, some people argue that the company’s dark boots fade easily so it should focus on improving the performance of such products. Other considerations that the company should make include:

  1. It should produce more masculine products

The famous Ugg boots is considered feminine and even though some users have explained that the boots can be worn by males, the items seem to be designed for women. Men have expressed their enthusiasm about Ugg’s products and women in different sites explain that their husbands and boyfriends normally buy them as presents. In this regard, more men are attracted by the product and there is no doubt that they will buy masculine products once they are produced by the company.

  1. Identifiable products

Customers have expressed their concerns when it comes to distinguishing between Ugg’s products and counterfeits. As a result of the increasing demand for the products, fraudsters have produced similar products that do not last long and this has been costly to Ugg’s customers who cannot differentiate the two sets of products. It is recommended that the company does more branding and improves its customer awareness programs so that customers can differentiate between genuine products and those that are sold by fraudsters.

  1. Offering More colors

Being feminine, Ugg boots should be available in many colors. The company has tried but it still needs to expand its selection options by offering more colors of the products. Unlike men, women desire the match their outfits with their shoes or boots and it is a wonderful idea to expand the selection criteria. If this is made possible, more buyers will buy at least two pairs of boots depending on their use.

  1. More maintenance options and procedures

Having taken consideration of the points given above, I think the company should shed more light on how to maintain its products. A good number of its customers are not aware of the correct methods of cleaning and maintaining the company’s items. For instance, some explain that using baking powder will help eliminate smell. Others claim that stains cannot easily be removed from the boots. The company needs to provide more cleaning and maintenance options so that customers’ products can last long. Perhaps the maintenance procedures that are used by some customers reduce the lifespan of their property and the activities should be stopped. The options that the company gives should be affordable and easily accessible so that harmful alternatives are avoided.

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